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Join professional Newborn & Family Photographer Emma Walker as she guides you through her transition from shooting in a home studio to her move into a commercial studio and the impact/opportunities that the global pandemic has had on her business.

Emma will share her different experiences of how to set up a practical but cost-effective home & commercial photography studio. The crucial equipment needed for each including safety equipment, props & camera gear. Followed by the pros and cons of working from each type of studio including the subsequent evolution of her work and business. 

Whether you are a beginner looking to set up your first studio space or a professional photographer considering changing your genre of photography, this webinar will give you an insight into how your studio space needs to work for you if you want to attract your ideal Newborn & Family clients.

Thursday 11th February - 10.30am (UTC)

Live on:

Watch after the live here:

Proudly supported by Sony and London Camera Exchange

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