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Client Closet

In an effort to make your session even more special whilst also saving you time and money, I have curated a beautiful  and unique 'Client Closet' and am now offering these luxurious wardrobe options for you to wear during your session at no extra cost!  Many of these pieces are handmade, often using the finest vintage lace or softest tulle by one of

my favourite American designers.    

I currently offer Women's and Girl's dresses in various sizes including Maternity and Non-Maternity fit, as well as Newborn and Sitter outfits (up to c18months old).


Meadow 3D Floral Dress

Vintage lace with optional slits up both sides

Fits both Maternity & Non-Maternity 

Fully adjustable from UK size 6-18


Shimmer Fluffy Dress

Vintage lace covered in texture and shimmer

Fits both Maternity & Non-Maternity

Fully adjustable from UK size 6-18


Spice Tassel Dress 

Beautiful cream crochet and tassels top half combined with a rust coloured maxi skirt

Fits Maternity and Non-Maternity

Fully adjustable from UK size 6-18


Clover Dress

A timeless classic white dress with sweetheart neckline, long sleeves and a flowing long

chiffon train

Fits Maternity, size M = UK size 10 - 14